Our move to dryer ground

I have fallen in love . . . Madly, deeply, completely, with our little place by the seaside. We have moved into a Bach, not too far from the beach. It is surrounded by farm land and trees, with views of the ocean. Inside all the doors are painted purple and gold on one side and orange on the other! The bathroom is turquoise blue and yellow. It has solar hot water and a composting toilet. A bookshelf, a bright red table and a community garden, oh it’s gloriously beautiful.


The first few nights we were here, it was really hard to sleep because it was so quiet! The bush is so full of noise and the tent was obviously quite thin. When it was windy, the trees blowing about would sound like the waves crashing on a beach, when it was still, you could faintly hear the river flowing, down beyond Mark’s place and when it rained, the noise was as soothing as rain on a tin roof. There was also the night birds that called to each other. All. Bloody. Night. I don’t really have anything nice to say about them, them I do not miss!

IMG_6535 IMG_6588

Glorious new views

It’s amazing how much, in the three months that we lived totally off grid, I missed so much, all the small things about living in a house on the grid! The oven, that amazing thing that cooks all of the fantastical things I can throw in it! And a shower, with running hot water whenever I want it! Lying on the floor in the sun, having a mirror, being able to charge my computer whenever I want, which means I don’t need to write my blog posts down on paper first, then transfer them onto the computer when I happened to be near power and a WiFi source; and it feels really good to sit on a couch again.


These guys think so too.

IMG_6539 IMG_6607

Pizza and bread and all the goodies

I really love being close to the ocean too, Sam is getting back into surfing again after eight years! I go for walks with my camera, that I haven’t had out for ages and the boys ‘accidentally’ fall in the water. Every time. We have done a bit of fishing, but it’s pretty new to us, so, so far no luck, but Sam has managed to nab some muscles in the low tide.



The next door neighbors kids come over to play often, they are sweet kids and the boys get on well with them, so during the weekend days the kids are off on adventures; and are hanging out for 3:30 pm when the girls get home from school.


And I get to relax with a pot of tea 😉

Our chickies have a brand spanking new home, it’s massive and they have new friends and rooster to hang with. They are laying again after a small hiatus. I think, just like us the cold and damp was getting to them, so they did what any smart animal would do I suppose, they stopped laying and reserved their energy for simply staying alive in the cold, muddy conditions.

IMG_6528 IMG_6614

Happy chickens = lots of eggs.


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