The curse of the waremould

I’m not feeling the tent living love guys. We currently have a major mould problem :-/ Being approximately 1.5k from the base of the mountain (our beautiful MT Taranaki, that is considered a bit of a rain forest) it rains a lot here! Like a lot, a lot. It is one of the wettest places in the ‘Naki. The air here contains quite a bit of moisture, so basically if the sun isn’t out and shinning, everything remains damp. Ideally the fire needs to be going all day and we need to have a fireplace of some kind in the kitchen/dinning shack and that too needs to be going all day to keep the damp at bay, unfortunately between work and the kids, we are in and out most days and that makes it virtually impossible!

IMG_6481 IMG_6483

Our poor mouldy shelves . . .

It is really uncomfortable coming home too, if we’ve been out at night and we don’t get home till later, the temp inside the tent is often the same as it is outside. It doesn’t feel good to see the boys so cold, it doesn’t feel good to me either to be living in such a cold damp place where mould is growing everywhere. It doesn’t feel safe for them or for us.


My prayer flags are not outside and don’t even get wet!

On top of having a mould problem, I am really feeling the need to have those four solid walls around me, to enjoy some of today’s modern amenities. I really, really miss having hot water on hand. I miss having a fully functioning kitchen, where I can make stuff! I use to make all sorts of things all of the time, from bread, to my own homemade cleaning and beauty products and now I don’t. I don’t do any of that, it’s just much too hard here.  It’s left me feeling somewhat creatively stifled, I have been so use to spreading myself out, my knitting, my art, my sewing (basically in other words, I’m a bit messy 😉 ) but it’s something that I feel is important to me, I am a creative person and it makes me sad that I cannot easily do what I most love. Adding onto that I am finding it increasing difficult to concentrate on the boys education, to me this is VERY important. I need to know in my heart that they are getting everything that they need and that I am providing them with everything that they need. We just do not have the space here. When educating kids at home they need to have the opportunity to spread out as well, to go from one project to the next and then come back again; and when I talk about the space needed, I’m not saying that what we now need is to move into a mansion, I like small living, I like that we don’t have a lot of possessions, only those few that are really important to us, but I think that the 6 metre tent doesn’t quite afford us with what we need at the moment.

Soooo, we might have to pack the tent away for a while and find a small place for ourselves. I have had a little bit of time to think about this and I have gone back and forth between what I want, what we need. Giving this us up and moving off of Mark’s beautiful land makes me feel sad and disappointed in a way but I think that in the future we could plan to do it again but perhaps in the summer and with a bit more forethought and planning, especially with the kitchen area to make sure it’s water tight and heated properly, that it has storage space, that we have a table big enough for us to not only eat from but to spread and do our various projects on. To make sure that I have an oven, where I can make my stuff!

I think that the reason that we came out here and did this, is still really important to us and not something that we want to give up on at all. I think now that we have been here and now that we have decide to give ourselves time, we can work out the kinks


This, I think was what I imagined our life in the tent would be like . . . unfortunately it wasn’t our reality 😉

I endeavor to keep my blog, if you still fancy keeping up with what we are doing.


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  1. Tinks* · September 6, 2015

    Oh hun, I totally know that struggle! While I have been really lucky to have a warm, dry tiny-whare (honestly- I’d have been out within 3 months too if it wasn’t!), the spacial issues of home educating and needing to have a regular creative outlet (or outlets!) is a constant struggle for me! Things that I consider to be ‘basic human rights’ for a child- like painting, are just about impossible- or at least leave me with the need to do much deep breathing afterwwards. As do many ‘ordinary’ tasks- like cooking and eating… I miss having an oven too! Oh, you guys are so brave! And what an amazing experience for you all to have shared :-).
    Daily I mull over the idea of moving into an actual house when my 2 years is up (June next year), but the thought of living anywhere other than here (HERE! Pohangina- my heart’s home!) really tears me in two…
    Well, time will tell. The new place sounds incredible- if I had somewhere like that to go it would be less of a tough decision :-).
    Hugs! (the warm kind!) Xx*

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