Almost two months and still settling

Well here we are! We have been living the tent life, just shy of two months now. It feels as if it has been a lot longer to be honest. When I think back to living in a house, it seems so long ago. I can’t honestly say that I am yet fully settled here. I don’t think I’ve had the time or allowed myself the time to settle. I guess my top priority has been the boys, making sure that they are coping with this major change in their lives, in the way that they live. People will often tell me that they’ll be fine, that kids adapt and adjust faster then us adults and while that is probably true I personally feel that it would be a very bad idea to simply dismiss their feelings and thoughts about our situation. But they are settled nicely now. They are once again reading and drawing and making up stories. I am incredibly happy and grateful about that.

When we lived in a house, the boys would more often then not play minecraft for a couple of hours in the afternoon; sometimes with their friends and cousins, that lived in different places via the internet. Because we homeschool, this small amount of time everyday was a blessing in keeping us all sane. It gave us time to be apart, it gave me time to escape to my bedroom with a coffee and just be. I don’t get that here, we all live in the same small space and there are not many places, if any, that I can escape to get a few minutes reprieve from them and their constant questions about life. By the end of the day I can often feel completely exhausted by them. This is not to say that I’m not enjoying it, enjoying this life or that my passion for schooling the boys has ebbed away. I love that they are around and in my life; I love watching them chase their passions, I love learning the weird and wonderful things they long to know alongside them. I’m honoured to see and share in their success and I am grateful to be able to give them the chance to learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it and at their own pace.

IMG_5732 IMG_5772

In the last month Sam has also been off and on unwell, so a lot of my focus has been on him and trying to lift as much of the load as possible from settling on his shoulders, I am in more ways then one feeling very thankful that he is on the mend!


The kitchen area has been getting a lot of work done to it too, I have done a few update post about this but now I think I’ll wait until it’s done and show you all the finished result (it’s looking pretty good) It does mean that every weekend we are busy, there are people around and the place is a work sight, there are screwdrivers next to the chopping board, I’m finding nails in the strangest of places. I am dusting sawdust and bits of wire off of plates and out of mugs. There are chainsaws hanging next to the coats and other bits of odd tools and machinery sit around the dinner table with us at night; but I cannot thank my master builder enough, for giving up his weekends to be here, sometimes leaving well after dinner and completely exhausted, his body sore and temper perhaps a little frayed.


I have been working alongside the owner of the land that we live on (Mark) on a garden. He has allocated about half an acre of bush, that is mostly Australian gum trees, to the garden. It has become my sanctuary and we have been working hard during the week (when it’s not raining) trying to get, at least a part of it ready for spring planting. I love it down there, I love the physical work of digging and lifting. I love the smell of the freshly dug earth; I love the feel of it under my nails and the fact that I empty it out of boots when I get home.


The garden. It’s getting there.

Mark has been wonderful with the boys, letting them use his tools and making things for them to keep them occupied, working tirelessly up in tree, one week, to produce a swing, then up in the little clearing just beyond the garden, he made them some monkey bars. They go off and play leaving me some space to breath. I am incredibly grateful.

IMG_5902 IMG_6035

The boys on the swing and Joey on the monkey bars.

So while I haven’t quite found my unique routine and daily rhythm out here, I know that it’s not far off. With the rest of the family having found their feet, I know that I can now turn inward and begin to spend some time each day focusing on myself. I already have days where I simply stand under the trees and feel them, feel their spirit here, feel completely in awe of them. I listen to the birds and am beginning to understand, whose call belongs to who – the type of bird, not the exact individual 😉 and it grounds me in ways I’ve longed for, for a long time.

IMG_5754 IMG_6092


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