The ultimate tent test – a record weekend of rain.

Well we had a very exciting 72 hours over the weekend just gone! Yes, it’s taken me this long to finally publish this post. It maybe because I’ve been so busy or it maybe because I’ve just been lazy.

I was blown away by the amount of people who got in contact with us, in way or another, to make sure we were O.K. Thank you! I think considering how much rain came down in 48 hours and how some other parts of the country fared, we came out really well.

On the 19th and 20th New Zealand got absolutely drenched in some massive amounts of rain. Flooding and slips affected lots of the country. Here under the mountain where the tent is pitched we got 250 mls in one 12 hour period! That’s a huge amount. Our water tank is now filled to the brim! The river rose and lapped over the bank and the sounds of the boulders being pushed around under the rushing water was loud and impressive, we are lucky to be quite a bit higher then the river so there was never any fear of the river flooding the land.


The normally peaceful river.

But the rain water still pooled and the drains overflowed to create mini rivers of their own, running down the drive way making it feel like it was going to be washed away. I did get stuck in the driveway on our way out to a homeschooling museum visit about the stars. The drain had risen up over the sides and I couldn’t see where the edge was and in the end I had no choice but to stick my head out in the downpour so I could see, ruined my beautifully done hair. Not really, I finger brushed it, then pulled on a hat, but it was more then a little stressful. Later on in the day when I got home, the entire front part the tent site (which is normally the slushy mud I complain about) was just one giant puddle that came half way up our gumboots but that worst was yet to come . . .

Imagine suspenseful music here.

When we got inside there was also quite a lot of water! What had happened was that, the rain had come down the flue into the fireplace, then out of all the little seams (if you happen to know potbellies, you’ll know they come apart in three or so pieces) and all over the floor, it’s seems though, that the floor is leaning slightly in one direction, which totally saved our arses! Because the water headed for the main door and away from our beds. I ended up with a lot of towels and clothes to wash but at least I didn’t have to figure out how to dry beds (they’re not yet up off the ground, it’s on the ‘list’)


Sam mopping up all the water.

Once the rain had stopped and the water level had dropped, the next part of the exciting 72 hours set in. I got a bench, with a sink! And I got a gas hob, like a real one from a real kitchen, put into the bench!! I was so excited and so in love with my bench/sink that when I went looking for a pic to put up here to show you guys, I had 7 to choose from, and you know what they all looked pretty much the same 🙂

IMG_5646 IMG_5725

The picture on the left is the most annoying way in the world to do the dishes and on the right, is the bench being installed by these professional tradesman. Below is the best way in the world to do dishes (unless you have a dishwasher, then honestly that’s probably the best way)


That weekend was probably the very first time, since moving into the tent that I actually wanted to be in a house. I wanted to take a long hot shower, then sit under a blanket on a couch and watch mindless T.V. But we made it through, we cleaned up and dried the tent out and it is our home in every way. I love living out here on this land, the beauty of it far out weighs the times when it’s hard.

Tent life lesson number three: Make sure your kid goes poop before it gets dark, I can’t think of much things worse then standing outside of the long drop, in the rain holding the damn lantern.



  1. J.C · June 26, 2015

    I’m so pleased you guys made it through the weekend without being washed away! If you can survive that, you can probably survive anything. Nice to see the place coming together with the hob and sink and water tank YAY!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Felicity Turner · June 28, 2015

    Paula Lee, See if you can source some of those strings of fairy solar lights that are always in Warehouse. set them up along the path to the long drop and around the inside of the roof. Makes for a easy track out and back. Mount the panel on the roof of the long drop. Felicity

    Liked by 1 person

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