Two weeks in.

As I sit and write this it’s sunny, like actual sun that hurts my eyes and blue sky! I’d do a happy dance but I’d hate for the universe to mistake it for a rain dance.



It’s one of the biggest challenges that I am struggling to deal with. The amount of rain that we are having is insane. We knew that living this close to the mountain would be wet, but still, actually living in it is taking some mighty adjusting.
Emotionally, over the past few weeks since we moved here, I’ve been bouncing all over the place. I have times where I am so happy and content and the reason why we did this is shining like a beacon. I enjoy the evenings when we are all settled and quiet and spending time together, reading or drawing or listening to Sam as he plays the guitar.

IMG_5474 IMG_5596

Time to be together, the whole reason we did this.

Times when we are all sitting around the table in our coats and hats, eating and the rain is falling all around us (I can’t help but hope that we will get some snow at some point because I think that it would be just magical) well even at these times I can see the beauty in the rain. We have nights that are so clear and so freezing cold, that we can pretend we are dragons breathing out smoke, and the sky is just amazing. I feel like we can see all the stars there are in the universe and the Milky Way is like a large white smudge in the inky sky. Mornings when the cloud is so low it wraps completely around us like thick fog and the cobwebs stand out like jewels. It’s not raining on these mornings but this wet kind of mist still settles on our coats and on our hair. I love how our beds are always piled with blankets and pillows, none of it matching but it’s so comfortable and warm and it just feels like home should.


Then, there are times where everything is too much. Where I realise how spoiled by the modern world I have been. How much I have taken for granted, the most basic of things. I can happily plod along for a few days doing dishes in our little purple tub, of boiling kettles of water, of leaning over our makeshift bench that it too short, then a day comes where I feel so fed up with bending over till my back aches. I don’t want to cart water from wherever we’ve managed to collect it, then proceed to spend the next half an hour boiling it because the gas burner takes bloody forever. I want to stamp my foot and for it not to go through the slats in the pallets that serve as our kitchen floor, till my boot is stuck and demand that I have the convenience of running water and damn it while your at it, a sink for it to run into! (Since I began writing this Sam has got us running water! I happy danced, then it rained)

I’ve not ever particularly thought about power usage all that much either. How much we can consume and how it even matters. At the house I would put the dishwasher on and then the washing machine and the dryer or both, then at night the kitchen, bathroom, loo, lounge and all of our bedrooms, so basically the entire house of lights would be blazing away, as well as the T.V, the kids radio and something would definitely be plugged in charging. Now we live off two 100 amp hour batteries that are currently being charged by the generator and everything, everything gets thought about, nothing is left on when it’s not in use.

Then there are the small frustrating things, like not being able to just jump on the Internet, it needs to be connected thought the hotspot on my phone and that bugger is not always reliable! Going to the loo in the middle of the night when it’s cold and wet and I’m in my P.Js. Also it’s really dark out there and I always end up hearing weird noises, then of course my imagination goes wild. There are vampires (and not the sexy kind) and bears in this bush and they are going to attack me on my way back to the tent!

Having to choose between lights or the toaster, because together they take too much power and it freaks the inverter out. But then I get up and watch the sunrise, while drinking a hot coffee. I watch the kids play and they help me cook lunch and dinner and we talk and I listen to their weird little nonsensical ramblings, that show me the quirky and different ways they both see the world. And at night while the boys sleep I curl myself into Sam’s side while the wood crackles in the fire and I feel this great sense of peace come over me and I’m glad that we are here.

IMG_5586 IMG_5582

Oh yes and here is tent life lesson number two: if you are using a generator to charge your batteries, don’t leave it for 9 days before charging. Two and a half entire day’s the generator ran for, to fully charge the batteries, the noise drove me absolutely bonkers!



  1. J.C · June 12, 2015

    Gorgeous 🙂 I am so glad the vision you had is coming through, is visible and within reach even if its raining a lot, cold as heck and things aren’t the way you might like them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hamish Fraser · June 12, 2015

    Toast has been an issue for us to, we’ve got a gas grill but it takes soooo long, then you forget and it’s suddenly burnt, I think the answer is less grains lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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